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Oct. 23rd, 2013

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Klaine Big Bang '13

WHOA hey man it's big bang time again!! this is the art i made for an excellent fic written by sweetheart extraordinaire glitterbomb15. there's not much at all spoiled in the art and i don't use LJ enough to know how to make this finnicky lj cut work so just check it out right here.

art #1
art #1

art #2
art #2

Sep. 21st, 2012

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Blaine Big Bang '12

Here is the art I made for blackmustache's wonderfully sweet/lovely/hilarious/every-complimentary-adjective fic for the Blaine Big Bang at beyond_dapper this year. I may have had too much fun, especially while making that crazy playbill.

Clicky click to see the large versions. :)



Jul. 4th, 2012

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Kurt/Blaine Reversebang 2012

Hey there, this is my art for this year's Kurt/Blaine Reversebang, which saw me partnered with cagedbirdsings. Hope you guys enjoy the art and the fic, it's always fun to draw these two. :)

Clicky on the picture to see it properly, this one's a big one.

AOleander- K/Bl Reversebang '12

Check out some details under the cut!
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Happy Reversebang. :D

Sep. 17th, 2011

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Blaine Big Bang Art Post

'Ello Blaine fans, these are the two pieces of artwork I did for missgoalie75 for the first ever Blaine Big Bang over at beyond_dapper. She was lovely to work with and her story was so much fun to draw for, so go go go read her hard work, and enjoy my art. :) The moral of the story is: Blaine/all the friends is the greatest OTP.

Here we have Blaine and Finn (and a suspicious Kurt):

Aaaand here we have Blaine and Rachel (and some not-so-attentive senior citizens):

Sep. 2nd, 2011

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Klaine Big Bang Art Post 2011

Hello all! Here are two pieces of art I did for pfenix_goddess's story The Hollow Men for klainebigbang this year. :) I looooved drawing for this story because it's
so deliciously dark and haunting and stuff like that is so. much. fun. to draw. The first illustration is a sort of poster for Part I of the story, and the second is a snapshot of a moment in Part II. Anyway, art babbling aside, enjoy!



Aug. 12th, 2011

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Nuke Big Bang Art Post 2011

This year for the Nuke Big Bang I did art for the story And You Played It to the Beat written by the lovely author pair that was frances_veritas and freakykat
. Aaaand you're probably here at this art post because you saw the story posted at nukebigbang
so look at this art and then GO GO GO read that fic because those ladies are the real stars.

Once again I have drawn these boys in comprising positions and had plenty of fun doing it. :P Enjoy the art and the story, and...yay! :D


ETA: Wow cool job forgetting to add ACTUAL HTML for the journal links up there. I'm not that much of a no0b, I SWEAR.

Jul. 20th, 2010

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Nuke Big Bang Art Post!

Here is the art I did for the wonderful the_beccaroo 's fic 'could I rest my faith in there?' for the Nuke Big Bang! :D Go read the fic at nukebigbang ASAP because it is awesome awesome awesome and you should abandon all other responsibilities for good fic. :D

I had an insane amount of fun drawing this! Who doesn't like cuddly boys? :P Anyway, hope everyone likes the art, weeee!

art,luke/noah,nuke big bang

Happy Nuke Big Bang all! :)